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Filtech Industrial Belts

Filtech supplies heavy duty, light duty, and synchronous belts for industrial applications. Our belts are made by Gates, the world leader in power transmission products and a manufacturer with over 100 years’ experience.
All smooth belts have an increased belt life and they wear uniformly due to their design, which allows for full contact with the sheave-groove. They also come with a Flex-Weave Cover, which protects the belt from oil, dirt, and heat. Cogged belts have their notches molded into the belt, which improves flexibility. All belts have flex-bonded cores, which allows for equal load distribution and helps reduce cord deterioration. Banded belts join multiple belts to function as one, increasing stability. Multiple belts meet ARPM/RMA IP-3-2 oil and heat resistant standards, and ARPM/RMA IP-3—3 static conductivity requirements.

Many common belt sizes are available through our site. For banded belts, the number of strands that you need is followed by a “/”, and then the belt size itself. If you do not see the size that you need, please select the item BELT MISC and enter the belt number that you need in the online order line note. Please refer to Spec Sheet below for additional information.

Spec Sheet
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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
VBELT 4L180 .50x18 FHP
VBELT 4L190 .50x19 FHP
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VBELT 4L190 .50x19 FHP
VBELT 4L200 .50x20 FHP
VBELT 4L210 .50x21 FHP
VBELT 4L220 .50x22 FHP
VBELT 4L230 .50x23 FHP
VBELT 4L240 .50x24 FHP
VBELT 4L250 .50x25 FHP
VBELT 4L260 .50x26 FHP
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