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Air Filtration
Compressed Air Filtration
Dust, Mist and Fume Collection
Hydraulic Filtration
Liquid Filtration
UV-C Products

Manufacturer Listing

Aero Med, Inc.                                     

Air Purifiers and Systems for Infection Control

Air Quality Engineering         

Self-Contained Air Cleaners for Industrial & Commercial Environments

AirFlow Products         

Bag Filters
Pleated Filters
Rigid Cell Filters

Baldwin Filters

Engine Powered Equipment Filters for Air, Lube, Fuel, and Hydraulic Applications


Dust Collector Bags
Dust Collector Cartridges

Cameron Great Lakes, Inc             

Activated Carbon & Specialty Molecular Filtration Media
Liquid & Vapor Phase Filtration Vessels
Refillable Molecular Filtration Filters & Equipment
Regeneration / Service / Disposal / Testing
Molecular Filtration Disposable Filters

Camfil Farr                                      

The world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions.  Providing customers with best-in-class products and services.

Bag Filters
Bag-In / Bag-Out Housings
Box filters
Carbon or Molecular Filters
Carbon or Molecular Filtration for Indoor Air Quality
HEPA Filters
HEPA Filter Housings
HVAC Filter Housings and Systems
Odor Control Filters
Pleated Filters
Rigid Cell Filters


Paint Overspray Filters

Clean Air Technology, Inc.          

 Turnkey Modular Cleanrooms

CleanRooms International               

Air Showers
Fan / HEPA filter modules
Hardwall Cleanrooms
Pass Thru’s
Softwall Cleanrooms

Columbus Industries, Inc             

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Filtration
Spray Booth Filtration

Cuno (3M Purification, Inc.) – Aqua Pure  

Drinking Water Filter Systems
Refrigerator Filters
Replacement Liquid Filter Cartridges
Scale Inhibitor Filters

D-Mark, Inc                                                      

CarbonWeb® - Odorguard ® - Odorguard Plus ® Filters for Odor Removal

Ring Panel



Dwyer Instruments                                   

Air Filter Gages
Differential Pressure Switches
Flow Meters
Magnehelic Gages
Pressure Transmitters
Velocity Meters

Fiberbond Corp                       

Air Filters Fabricated with Synthetic Fibers
Cubes Filters
Filter Pads
High Efficiency Multi-Wedge Filters
Linked Panel Filters
Panel Filters

Filtech Inc           

Filter Division –
Custom Size Fiberglass Panel and Pleated Air Filters
Liquid Bag Filters
Melt Blown Liquid Filter Cartridges
String Wound Liquid Filter Cartridges

Testing Division –

Testing and Certification of:

Bag-In / Bag-Out HEPA Filtered Containment Systems
Biological Safety Cabinets
Chemo Hoods
Fume Hoods
Infectious Isolation Rooms
Laminar Flow Clean Benches
Pharmacy Isolators
Protective Isolation Rooms

Filtration Systems Products               

Dust Collector Bags and Accessories
Liquid Filter Paper

General Carbon                       

Bulk Carbon

Glasfloss Industries                       

Automatic Roll Filters
Bag Filters
Fiberglass Panel Filters with Metal Facing Both Sides
HEPA Filters
Polyester Sleeve Filter Media
Pleated Filters
Rigid Cell Filters


Filter Elements
High Pressure Filters
Hydraulic Filters
Low Pressure Filters
Lube Oil Filters
Process Fluid Filters

Hycon / Hydac

Hydraulic Filters
Lubrication Filters

Industrial Filter Manufacturer              

Air Intake Filter & Filter/Silencers Housings
Panel-Style Air Intake Housings
Filter Elements
   Sewn End
Pressure Vessels
Mist Eliminators

Jonell Inc.                         

Activated Carbon Filtration Products
Coalescing Elements
Filter Vessels and Filter Vessel Internals
Gas Filter Elements
Liquid Filter Elements
Separating Elements

Kaydon Filtration                        

Filter Elements
Filter Vessels & Assemblies
Filtration Systems
Flow Switches
Fuel & Oil Conditioning Filters, Separators, & Systems
Pressure & Gravity Oilers
Safety Overflow Sight
Vacuum Dehydration

Mahle - Nowata Filtration                          

Liquid Filter Cartridges
Liquid Filter Housings

Oberlin Filter                               

 Pressure Filters

Pall Corporation

Hydraulic & Lubrication Oil Filters
Liquid Filtration Products for Industrial Applications

Parker Filtration    

Compressed Air and Gas Filtration Products
Hydraulic and Oil Filters

Pentair Industrial                    

Liquid Bag Filter Housings
Liquid Cartridge Filter Housings
Liquid Filter Bags
Liquid Filter Cartridges


PreVent® Equipment Protection Filter Screens


Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration

Purolator Air Filtration Products Co       

Bag Filters
HEPA Filters
Panel Filters
Pleated Filters
Rigid Cell Filters

SBS Corporation

Centrifugal Separators for Cooling Towers and other Water Applications

Schroeder Filters, Inc.

 Hydraulic & Lubrication Filter Systems

Shawndra / Sparks Filters.

Compressed Air and Gas Filters


Compressed Air and Gas Filters

Tekleen ® Automatic Filters Inc        

Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters and Strainers


Centrifugal Separators
Sand Filters

Universal Air Products Corp        

Electrostatic Precipitators for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Van Air              

Automatic Drain Valves
Dew Point Monitor
Compressed Air Filters and Elements
In-line Desiccant Dryers
Natural Gas and Biogas Dryers
Oil-Water Separators
Refrigerated Dryers
Regenerative Desiccant Dryers
Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers