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Camfil Farr S-Flo Bag Filter

The Camfil Farr S-Flo offers high efficiency particulate air filtration to address today's indoor air quality concerns. The S-Flo can remove contaminants such as fumes, smoke, bacteria, fungi, and virus-bearing droplet nuclei. The Camfil Farr S-Flo includes a unique melt-blown synthetic media that provides critical capture of particles. The media incorporates a uniform high loft to provide a lower resistance to airflow than comparable high efficiency air filters. A lightweight scrim media backing ensures protection of the media and prevents media erosion.

The S-Flo bag filters are available in a variety of configurations to suit your air quality requirements. Common configurations include from 3 to 12 pockets, depths of 15" to 30", and up to 101 square feet of effective media area. Please refer to the Spec Sheet link below for more information about this filter. If you do not see the size you need please use item BAGSF and then enter the size and MERV rating you need in the online order line note.

Spec Sheet
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