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Camfil Riga-Flo Box Style Air Filter

The Camfil Riga-Flo provides high efficiency ASHRAE air filtrations performance in a compact, supported media design. Includes high-lofted, depth-loading, microfine glass media for longer service life and uniform low resistance to airflow. Filtration efficiency is maintained throughout the life of the filter. Includes a continuous adhesive bond around the media pack to eliminate air bypass and ensure integrity to 10" w.g. Includes an enclosing frame of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. Includes all-metal diagonal support braces to assure filter rigidity and media pack protection.

The Riga-Flo box style filters are available in depths of 6" or 12". This filter is also available with a header. Please refer to the Spec Sheet link below for more information about this filter. If you do not see the size you need please use item RIGAFLO and then enter the size and MERV rating you need in the online order line note.

Spec Sheet
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